We are peis&people.

We are empathic towards target groups, but also towards you, your team and towards our own network.

Gathered by Nina Peis to combine the competences of creative strategic planning and systemic thinking in the digital age.

We are a group of people with the same mindset that have been working together as a team in different constellations and with different backgrounds. Our competences will be combined, and our network will be expanded depending on your challenges and needs.

Nina used to work for creative and digital agencies in a leading strategy role before she complemented her competences as a systemic coach and team developer. Among her past and present clients are many different international and national B2C and B2B brands.

Our Strength

  • Brand & digital strategy.

  • Communication strategy & Creative planning.

  • Coaching & team development.

Our bumblebee perspective

We believe that we need to approach each and every project holistically. We always try to look at your challenges in their entirety, which means that we don’t only analyze the situation itself, but the bigger context.

The bumblebee is our inspiration: They are very social and very intelligent. Their abilities to recognize patterns, to fly backwards and to perceive the spatial layout of their environment in relation to their body helps them navigate densely cluttered environments safely and efficiently. We are never clumsy, but rather skillful and goal oriented. Just like a friendly bumblebee.

Our people