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  • Inspiring
  • Empathic
  • Enduring
systemic strategy.

peis&people is your creative sparring partner, challenger, strategist and your coach for your personal and organizational development, your team and your brand.

If you are asking yourself …

  • How to transform your brand
  • How to transform your brand
  • How to improve as a team
  • How to communicate
  • How to collaborate better

We explore your context and look at your challenges from a bumblebee perspective*.

We always consider the different perspectives in your organization and your team(s).

We empower you to change your view and identify prospects below the surface.

We approach strategic questions with an open and empathic mindset to develop solutions in close cooperation with you and the people in your organization.

For us it is not about a strategy deck for your next board meeting or for the drawer!

It’s about sustainable strategies that are helpful for your projects and lived out by your team(s).

Our bumblebee perspective

We believe that we need to approach each and every project holistically. We always try to look at your challenges in their entirety, which means that we don’t only analyze the situation itself, but the bigger context.

The bumblebee is our inspiration: They are very social and very intelligent. Their abilities to recognize patterns, to fly backwards and to perceive the spatial layout of their environment in relation to their body helps them navigate densely cluttered environments safely and efficiently. We are never clumsy, but rather skillful and goal oriented. Just like a friendly bumblebee.