Better relations
Better results

Every problem in your organization can be traced back to a relationship problem. With this concept we empower you, your team and your organization to continuously build and sustain your relationships for better results in the long run.

If you are asking yourself …

  • Why do we always have the same problems?
  • Are we efficient in what we do?
  • Why do we always have the same problems?
  • Why are we not making progress?
  • Why are things so difficult?
  • Is the mood actually good with us?

We believe the answers lie in your relationships, seen through four dimensions.

#1 Your personal relationship with yourself
#2 Leadership as a relationship
#3 Team relationships for productivity
#4 Organizations as a system of relationships

All dimensions are interconnected. In complex systems like organizations, relationships must be holistically considered due to mutual influence.

About us and our relation

We are Simon and Nina.
As a duo, we complement each other to best support you as a team and organization in your relationship matters, while continually reflecting on each other.
Our own story and relationship with each other is characterized by varied levels. With unique experiences, influences, and qualifications, we bring our duo's strength to your organization.
We met ten years ago in a creative agency, starting with a hierarchically defined relationship. Together, we tackled challenging projects and built a digital unit. Our professional bond evolved into a friendship, marked by various phases—jogging routines one year, setting up a shared office another. Simon honed his IT skills as an Agile Coach and Scrum Master, while Nina advanced her freelance career as a Brand Strategist and Creative Planner. Our paths converged again through our training as systemic coaches and team developers at the isB Wiesloch institute, eventually leading us both from Frankfurt to Berlin, where Simon further expanded his skills as an organizational developer at the artop institute. Now, we're here, ready to help you strengthen your relationships.