Team vision & team structure.


A vision for the german advertising team of a global B2C brand.


Eight months collaboration involving the whole team to reflect all realities & personal visions.



  • Identifying market topics & trends for the context.
  • Talking with stakeholders & leaders of the organization for the bigger picture.
  • One-on-one conversations with all team members identifying personal visions & core skills, interests, roles & relationships.



  • Developing vision, strategy, and roadmap together with the team lead.
  • Challenge, sharpen and complete this vision in a workshop process with the whole team.

Team development & coaching


  • Workshops & individual coaching to handle team challenges & create a team structure to follow the defined strategy and ensure a satisfied team.


Vision, strategy and roadmap for the upcoming two years supported by the whole team.
New team roles empowering team members to reach their personal goals.

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